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How we keep smiles their healthy, beautiful best with proactive, preventative exams and cleanings

At the office of Dr. D. Bartholomew G. Kreiner in Bel Air, Maryland, we make smiles beautiful. More importantly, we keep smiles beautiful. There is a difference; whenever possible, we want to prevent the conditions that lead to the need for services to restore the appearance and health of the smile. We prioritize proactive dental care. This approach prevents damage and disease, which keeps the teeth, gums, and mouth healthy, comfortable, functioning well, and looking great.

Dental exams and professional teeth cleaning services are fundamental to proactive, preventative dentistry. For healthy patients who do not have risk factors for conditions such as gum disease and oral cancer, these “check-ups” are scheduled every six months or two times per year. Risk factors include: 

  • Inadequate or inconsistent oral hygiene at home
  • A diet lacking in nutrients
  • Habits such as smoking and tobacco use
  • Behaviors like chronic teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Other oral conditions like dry mouth
  • Use of medications with conditions like dry mouth as a side effect 
  • Systemic illnesses, such as diabetes 

Patients with these and other risks will likely need to visit our friendly team more often. We need to stay ahead of potential problems. Otherwise, we are performing reactive dentistry. That is a no-no because reacting to problems is generally more traumatic, time-consuming, and costly. After all, why treat problems when you can prevent them from happening in the first place? 

What to expect

During your “re-care” visit, one of our skilled and kind dental hygienists will remove bacteria, surface stains, and stubborn plaque build-up (tartar) from the teeth and gum line. These professional cleanings minimize the risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, they help maintain the whiteness of your teeth, enhance their appearance, and keep your breath smelling fresh.

Dr. Kreiner will also use his keen eye and expertise to identify any anomalies that may be present at their earliest stages. Early detection and prompt intervention help to avoid the damage that results in extensive and more expensive restorative dentistry treatments, such as extractions and tooth replacement with bridges, dentures, and implants. 

For what cannot be detected with the eyes or by touch alone, Dr. Kreiner will use advanced dental imaging (x-rays) to clearly visualize and pinpoint problems that might otherwise go unnoticed, progress, and become worse. These visits are also opportunities for our team to discuss the following: 

  • Dental sealants, thin and non-toxic coverings that are applied to protect decay-prone back teeth 
  • Fluoride supplements, which remineralize the teeth to prevent cavities or to stop early tooth decay in its tracks
  • Other professional preventative services, such as custom nightguards and mouthguards to, protect against injuries caused by teeth grinding and blows to the face or falls during sports
  • “Tooth-friendly” nutrition 
  • Guidance on oral care products 
  • Recommendations for good brushing and flossing technique

Are you due for your dental check-up? Call (410) 983-6775 without delay! Our team at D. Bartholomew G. Kreiner D.D.S. in Bel Air, MD, wants to see you before changes to how your teeth look, feel, and function arise. Often, oral conditions do not produce symptoms early into the disease process. So, by the time you notice bleeding or discomfort, the damage may have already been done. Ideally, we want to stop that damage from occurring. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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