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At D. Bartholomew G. Kreiner D.D.S., we strive to keep our patients’ smiles looking naturally beautiful and healthy. Our team in Bel Air offers a full range of dental services to individuals and their families from across northern Maryland and beyond. Dr. Kreiner rarely has to refer his valued patients to other dentists’ (or specialists’) offices. He invests in continuing education and cutting-edge technologies. So, we have the capabilities in-house to address all your family member’s needs. We also provide consistency and continuity of care. As your needs evolve, our team is here to help you.

Protect and prevent

Many oral conditions can be prevented with routine visits to our office. During these visits, we thoroughly and gently clean your teeth. Dr. Kreiner also examines your teeth to pinpoint problems early before they cause damage. Advanced diagnostic technologies are on your side. We use digital dental x-rays, intra-oral camera technology, and the Logicon caries detector to safely, accurately, non-invasively, and promptly identify problems like early-stage dental decay. Oral cancer exams get performed during all exams to feel for lumps in floor of mouth and tongue and we use technologies to detect precancerous to cancerous lesions in the remaining soft tissues of the mouth.

No preventative program would be complete without our professional guidance and services. We offer everything from tailored suggestions for nutrition and oral care products to supplemental fluoride and dental sealants.


We can preserve decayed, broken, or otherwise damaged teeth. Options to rebuild teeth include: 

  • Traditional and tooth-colored composite fillings 
  • Durable dental crowns 
  • Root canal therapy to “save” teeth with severe internal damage

We can painlessly and precisely repair cavities and other problems with the Waterlase dental laser – at no extra charge to you. Lastly, your oral health transcends the teeth. In turn, we resolve issues with the supportive gums, jaw joints, and other structures with periodontal and neuromuscular therapies.


Dr. Kreiner provides many advanced oral and maxillofacial procedures. These services include the surgical removal of some impacted wisdom teeth. If other types of teeth cannot be preserved, we recommend their removal and prompt replacement. This process prevents devastating bone loss. It also supports healthy function and well-being. We may recommend the following:

  • Conventional dental bridges
  • Removable partial and complete dentures
  • Transitional and Valplast® flexible “partials”
  • Crowns, bridges, and dentures supported by dental implants 


Feel your best with an improved smile. Professional teeth whitening is a cost-effective, safe, and fast way to transform your smile and facial appearance. Porcelain veneers are ideal for stubborn discoloration. Or, we may use these thin layers of porcelain to disguise gaps between teeth, chips, small cracks, and other imperfections. We use technologies to create restorations that blend perfectly with the surrounding and neighboring teeth.

Now that you know a bit about us, we encourage you to contact our Bel Air, MD team for more information. The office of D. Bartholomew G. Kreiner D.D.S can be reached at (410) 983-6775.

Meet Dr. Bartholomew G. Kreiner, D.D.S.

I grew up in Bel Air, MD. I attended Harford Day School, John Carroll, Loyola College in Maryland, and The University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. I was an active member of the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company for 13 years. I enjoy trotline crabbing on the Chester River during the summer and coaching my sons’ football and basketball teams.

My practice philosophy is to raise the standard of dental care, not just meet it! The most important aspect of achieving this goal is to have fun. Our relaxed practice atmosphere, filled with laughter and carrying on, is a direct reflection that we love what we are doing.

Dr. Bartholomew G. Kreiner


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