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Some examples of when we use our laser are to remove small decay, perio procedures and bleaching. With the laser, anesthesia is not typically required and there are no post-op restrictions in most cases. Our patients love our lasers and in most cases, patients report they feel nothing.


After a thorough initial exam, Dr. Kreiner will explain what dental work needs to be done. Together you can prioritize the order in which it is completed. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard. We also offer Care Credit which allows you to break your fees into convenient installments. You can apply for Care Credit at our office or online here.


Most insurances can be used at our office and we will be happy to submit your claims. You may have a co-pay at the time of your visit and will be billed the portion your insurance does not cover. If you have a DMO or dental HMO to use your insurance you will need to go to the dentist you selected when you signed up for the insurance. We would love to have you as a patient so if you have any additional questions, please call!


You can use that insurance at our office. Your fees will be due at the time of your visit and we would submit your claim for you. The insurance will reimburse you the fees your policy allows for that particular procedure.


Unfortunately, we do not accept these plans. To use your insurance, you will need to go to an office that accepts that plan or the office you selected when you signed up for your insurance. If your insurance plan were to change in the future we would love to have you as a patient!


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