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Get smiling again with a range of advanced, onsite surgical capabilities

At the office of D. Bartholomew G. Kreiner DDS, we work closely with our patients in Bel Air and across northern Maryland to preserve their natural teeth and keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. However, should problems arise that require surgical expertise, you can benefit from safe and predictable treatment from the team you know and trust. Dr. Kreiner stays on top of the latest techniques and technologies to restore the health of your mouth quickly and optimally. 

Oral and maxillofacial surgery options 

Our team is equipped to provide many services that other general dentists would have to refer to specialists. Due to our range of onsite capabilities, patients enjoy affordable, convenient, and hassle-free care. Dr. Kreiner’s advanced surgical services include the following: 

  • Complex extractions – Other dentists only offer what’s called “simple,” non-surgical extractions. We are equipped to successfully remove teeth that may be broken or otherwise only partially intact. These teeth must be removed through special surgical techniques. Largely, extractions are on the horizon if we cannot preserve a damaged, decayed, fractured, or dislodged tooth through other means. We can then recommend prompt tooth replacement options to fill the space(s) left behind following the extraction process.
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth – Wisdom teeth are the third molars that typically form at the back of our upper and lower jaws. Since they are the last teeth to develop, our mouths often lack sufficient space for them to erupt correctly. When this happens, the teeth may grow at an angle and become trapped or impacted underneath the tissues in the jawbone. This situation can lead to intense pressure and pain and damage other teeth and oral structures. Dr. Kreiner can get you back to feeling like yourself again in no time with precise surgical removal of troublesome, impacted molars. Of course there are some situations were Dr Kreiner will refer to a specialist to handle a difficult condition. 

“Maxillofacial” refers to the jaws and face. Here, too, Dr. Kreiner has the expertise to address any forms of acute trauma or injuries, or congenital conditions that may require surgical intervention. As with all treatments available at our Bel Air, Maryland office, the process starts with a thorough evaluation. From there, we can recommend the best treatment to relieve pain and other symptoms and restore your smile and well-being. Our team also provides responsive, after-hours emergency care for added peace of mind. 

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